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Got to meet Professor Greg Pottie on wednesday in Christchurch. A lot of helpful information ranging from classes to where to live. A very friendly person I would say.

His research direction is moving towards Health care, and the applications of sensor networks and information classification and processing, some very interesting problems to be solved fundamentally.

Other than that, two things I noticed:

  • University of Canterbury is not as big as I thought it would be. The campus was very well build, and has the university vibe, but just as one starts to enjoy the drive  down the road its over. The campus is like a single block or something
  • Christchurch is a nice city. City center is somewhat small, but very well laid out, the square around the church, the roads around botanic gardens are all touristy spots!


Going to post some pics of Christchurch on Facebook I think… also need to get a gallery thing working on here

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