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Windows VMWare 7.1, MacBook Pro, VMWare USB Arbitration Service

So I have VMWare 7.1 installed on Windows, running on a MacBook Pro. Whenever VMWare starts (or whenever I want to connect a USB device up), a warning comes up complaining about USB Hub cannot be connected, check arbitration service in Windows Services.

Checking the VMWare USB Arbitration Service in Services shows that it cannot be started….

Problem turns out to be that the hcmon.sys driver for looks for the first USB on USBFDO-0, which somehow mysteriously fails on the Macbook Pro.

Someone  at VMWare solved the problem with a patched hcmon.sys (Attached below).

So to fix the problem:

  1. Backup hcmon.sys in WNDOWS\System32\drivers\
  2. Copy the patched version over
  3. Whenever you want the service to run, reboot Windows and hold down F8 to get into the pre boot screen. Make sure to disable “Driver Signature Check”

Some more details can be found here

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