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Outlook 2007 + Google App Mail + Remember the Milk decided to give this combination a go. I think the move to Outlook give me a single place to look at everything.

Up until know I have been using Chrome with the Remember the Milk plugin. Things do work, but the calendar window on the google mail interface is just a tiny thing on the left bottom corner… Also maybe getting used to Outlook isn’t a bad thing. Many large institutions have standard exchange services with calendar and everything…… Yeah no I really just wanted to try it.

Anyway, these steps are necessary to setup Outlook 2007 to a usable state:

Basic IMAP

IMAP Delete Support

IMAP delete action is mapped to archive in Google App Mail. To get around this, follow (credit to

  1. Activate LAB in Menage Doamin -> Domain Settings->New Service and Pre Release feature->Enable Pre Release Feature
  2. Go to LAB (green icon on top left) choose Advanced IMAP control end activate it
  3. Go to your email Settings and under “Formwarding POP/IMAP” set IMAP preferences to “Do not automatically expunge messages” and “Move the message to the Bin”
  4. Settings -> Labels -> System Labels UNCHECK “All Mail Show in IMAP”
  5. In you Outlook 2007 under “Account configuration” go to “More settings”  -> General -> Purge options and check Purge Items when switching folders

Now this is not enough if you have multiple labels to a email. To make things simple, goto Labels, and untick every custom label.

**Remember to reload hierarchy on outlook, not just remove the folders**

Calendar Sync

Contact Sync

Remember the Milk Sync

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