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Extracting xp3 files

To extract xp3 files, download the latest version of crass (version listed below).

Most xp3 files are encrypted these days, so:

  • launch CrassGUI
  • press Advanced
  • go to the game location, see if there is a .tpm file
  • in Param of Crass, enter tpm1=PATH TO TPM
  • select source xp3
  • select destination
  • extract
  • If the above doesnt work, try changing param to tpm2=PATH TO TPM

Download Link

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5 Responses

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  1. Dencio said

    Thanks! It worked.
    Now I’m having problem on running startup.tjs file. I don’t know how to run this file in windows 7. Please help.

  2. thank you so much I was seaching for this and you help me out!!!

  3. Ramp said

    You sir, are most helpful!

  4. Hinacle said

    I keep getting errors when I extract the file

  5. What kind of error?

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