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Using Apple Remote in Windows 7

Recently bought an Apple Remote for presentations etc. for my MacBook Pro, to use it in Windows 7, do the following:

  • Download EventGhost (Mirrored here)
  • Device Manager -> Human Interface Devices, right click Apple IR -> Update Driver -> Browse for Driver -> Let me pick -> USB Input Device
  • Go into EventGhost, start a new tree (File -> New)
  • Configuration -> Add Plugin -> Generic HID -> Pick the USB Input Device (Should be called Apple IR)
  • Add Macro -> Tell it to press keys or whatever you want to do
  • Add Trigger (which should be the Remote button press, to see what ID the button presses are, press a button and see the ID on the left
  • Set auto start EventGhost when machine starts in File -> Options

I’m attaching the screenshot I have (only 2 buttons for presentation)

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