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Using an SSD as the System Drive, tweaks

So just installed a new 240GB SSD (OCZ Agility 3), lets hope this one lasts a while.

Anyway, there are a number of tweaks that should be done for the new SSD

System (Thanks to*-Windows-7-Ultimate-Tweaks-amp-Utilities-*):

I’m only summarizing here the ones I personally think are necessary, some of the tweaks suggested there don’t make a whole lot of sense

  • Change Power setting to never turn off SSD
  • Change # of processors Windows use to start up to the # of cores
  • Disable unneeded services (DO NOT├é┬ádisable Application Experience service)
  • Disable Indexing
  • Disable defragmentation (remember to manually defragment the old mechanical disks that may still be in use)
  • Turn off Superfetch
  • Turn off Prefetch
  • Disable Page File
  • Disable Hibernate
  • Disable System restore
  • Enable TRIM commands
  • Edit the size of all recycle bins

Firefox and Chrome:

  • Firefox can be made to run off Memory, google for latest instructions
  • Chrome at the moment of writing cannot use memory cache, so we need to change the cache location. Google for the latest instructions
  • Make sure all shortcuts and all path to opening Chrome (all the shortcuts, keyboard links) open the updated link with new cache location
  • Set default browser to Firefox (otherwise the default application triggered Chrome creates a cache again on the SSD)
  • Set a reminder to check the cache location once in a while


  • Copy the iTunes folder from My Music to another disk (not a SSD)
  • Hold shift and start iTunes, it will ask you to pick a library, pick the new one
  • In Advanced options, set the new Media Library path to the new location also

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