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Archos A32 tablet adb connection on Linux (OpenSuSE 11.3)

Spent the better half of an hour trying to connect this little bugger.. Their website provided some instructions, but guess what…  it doesnt work (outdated and missing steps).

Note this guide is for the Archos A32 device, which ahs Vendor ID 0x0e79. If you have another device, find the ID by doing lsusb in the console, note the line with your device, in the example below the id you need is in bold:

Bus 002 Device 017: ID 0e79:1411 Archos, Inc.

Working steps below:

  1. su
  2. cd /etc/udev/rules.d
  3. Look for a empty slot around the 50s (as in there isnt a file already there starting with 5x, x being the number you want. I used 53).
  4. vi 5x-android.rules
  5. SUBSYSTEM==”usb”,ATTRS{idVendor}=”e79″,MODE=”0666″ (Some people will use SYSFS instead of ATTRS, however note that SYSFS will be gone in a future version of udev)
  6. Make sure the phone is plugged in, in debug mode
  7. [Optional] To check if the rule is working, do udevadm test /[PATH TO USB DEVICE] (the path is found by using lsusb -t, noting down the bus number and locating it in /sys/bus/usb/, you can cat the idVendor to confirm it is the correct USB)
  8. udevadm control –reload-rules
  9. exit out of root (otherwise you create the file in next step under root, and will have to run adb through root later)
  10. create a ~/.android/adb_usb.ini file with 0x0e79 as the first line
  11. Replug device
  12. adb kill-server
  13. adb start-sever
  14. adb devices
  15. ???
  16. profit

Hope this helps

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