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Thought I’d finalize a place for myself to live in way before other people start heh. This way I get more choices I suppose, and less to worry about later.

Looked over a few… a lot of places over the weekend, and really settled on Westwood Apartments, seems to be a nice place.

Most of the reviews regarding apartments near UCLA are pretty useless imho. I think students just expect wildly different things, so every apartment ends up having awesome reviews and reviews that make it sound worthless. There are, however, a few places that seems to be infested by pests, probably want to stay away from those…. But still.. these are student apartments, a few pest here and there is probably to be expected I guess

The places that seems good:

  • Westwood Apartments
  • Levering Heights
  • Westwood Concord

Planning to live by myself for a while, the idea of finding a roommate online doesnt really appeal to me. First choice would be a Studio apartment I suppose

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